Did SMW Claw always want to be an author? 

No. The fondest ambition of her heart was (and always has been) to be one heckuva mother. Which is not to say she's the perfect mother. She makes mistakes just like your mother does. It's something she's always working on and improving. Right, Claw kids? Right???

Just how many kids does SMW Claw have? 

More than most, fewer than a few. Let's just say the number falls between 1 and 20. Okay, between 5 and 15.

How can I become an author? 

SMW doesn't have any idea either. All she knows is to put first things first. Make God and family the apex of your life. Then prove you mean it. All good things will follow. 

What does SMW stand for? 

Sunshine Magdalena Willa (and wouldn't you abbreviate your name too?)

What books did SMW read as a kid?

Little SMW loved The Chronicles of Narnia. She read the entire series every summer. She also read one of The Three Investigators every week. Maybe someday she'll have a child named Jupiter. She also read Joan Aiken short stories, and adored Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle--where is that woman when SMW needs her?!

For years she listed The Fragile Flag by Jane Langton as her favorite book ever. (And don't forget The Diamond in the Window or The Swing in the Summer House!)

Harry Potter wasn't around until SMW was in college, but she's sure she would've loved him. She's read all the books many, many times.

But most importantly, since she was 9 years old SMW has read every day from The Book of Mormon. Back then, she understood very little of what was going on, but it made her feel awesome!