Growing up, SMW CLAW had no plans, ever, of becoming a writer. She did, however, read, Read, READ--cereal boxes, junk mail, calculus textbooks, and of course, stories.

In her twenties, SMW received a BS degree in Botany from Brigham Young University, an event she regrets to this day. (The Botany part, not the BYU part--she loved that.) After working a couple of years in a completely unrelated field, she married MR. CLAW and settled down to make ridiculously cute babies.

During this time SMW regrettably had to give up her novel reading habit. The problem was she would stay up until 4 AM to finish the story and crawl out of bed the next morning as the Wicked Witch of the West. Not exactly the mother (or wife) of anyone's dreams.

But shortly after the birth of her umpteenth baby, SMW CLAW decided that for her birthday that year, she was going to read as many novels as she wanted in one week's time (And no, no children were harmed or criminally neglected during this period).

One of those evenings, she was sitting on the couch with her husband, enjoying her book when she sighed, "Wouldn't it be fun to write a novel?"

He looked up from his laptop to say, "Why don't you look at that link I just sent you?"

Which, when she did, was an essay that basically said: Don't wait for the big idea. Start now. So she did.

Three years later The Piranha Jumps at Brunch was published.